“You’re About To Discover My Step-By-Step System For ‘Enrolling’ Large Numbers Of High-Paying Clients - Without Sacrificing Your Values Or Turning Into A Pushy Salesperson”

If you’d like to double the number of clients you’re getting – and attract enough clients to have a 6-figure income – read on to learn more about this powerful training program

From: Bill Baren
San Francisco Bay Area, California

Dear Business Owner,

Have you been wondering what it would be like to create your own high-end package or program?

Are you tired of having one-on-one consultations with potential clients who say “This all sounds really great but I can’t afford it right now. Let me think about it…”

It’s painful to just say “OK” and let them walk away, isn’t it.

How many clients have slipped through your fingers because you didn’t know what to say during a consultation?

And what happens to the potential client? They still have the challenge or urgent problem they came to you with. They stay stuck, you feel rejected, and nobody wins.

So... what’s the alternative?

Learn How To Enroll 8 Out Of 10 Potential Clients From Your One-On-One Consultations

What if you could be authentic, confident, and enrolling during your consultations, instead of nervous, pushy, or sales-y?

I often like to use the word “enrolling” instead of “selling.”

To me, enrolling means inspiring people to see a new possibility for themselves. This is in contrast to the pushy vibe that “selling” sometimes has.

I know you can make a big difference with your clients… but this can’t happen if they don’t say YES to using your services.

In the last 4 years, more than 8 out of 10 prospective clients I’ve talked to have said YES to hiring me as a business coach. That’s what led me to dramatically expand my business (with a team of 5 coaches) to nearly $1 million in income AND consistently have a waiting list to get in to work with me.

However, I wasn’t “born this way,” as some people think. Actually, it was a pretty rough ride at first...

I Crashed And Burned… Boy, Was My Ego Bruised!

It was 2006, my marketing was starting to kick into gear!

And I had 10 consultations with prospective clients lined up for the month of February. I was looking forward to landing bunch of new clients.

I figured I had at least 2 or 3 new clients “in the bag.” And I already knew what I was going to be spending this new income on! (a vacation, car repairs, a weekend away with my fiance.)

It was the moment of truth - and disaster struck.

Out of those 10 consultations, I got ZERO new clients.

Nada, zilch. Not one person said yes to my services. Needless to say, I was completely devastated and dejected afterwards!

It was absolutely frustrating having all those conversations with potential clients and coming away empty-handed.

I hate to say it, but I was getting desperate to get clients (and to actually make money in my business). This experience even left me doubting if I was in the right business.

The worst thing was, I started avoiding consultations like the plague, because I couldn’t take the rejection. I was almost wishing they’d cancel at the last minute, because I didn’t want to face another person saying NO.

But - how would I get clients without having consultations?

The Key To Doubling Your Clients (And Income)
In 30 Days

Since it felt terrible to have so many potential clients say no, I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about holding 1-on-1 consultations that lead to clients. I knew that without this skill, my business would never take off.

Want to know the secret I discovered? Here it is...

Putting all my efforts into increasing the number of people who say YES to my services was the easiest way to make thousands more dollars each month - without any additional work.

Look at it this way: if 2 out of 10 people said YES in your one-on-one consultations last month, and then 4 out of 10 people say YES next month – your income just doubled.

And it doesn’t take any extra effort or marketing. You’re still having consultations with the same number of potential clients, but you get double the number of clients climbing on board to work with you.

If you’re already feeling like your day is completely packed, then this is your key to getting more income and more clients, without needing to magically add more hours to your day.

I’d like to use myself as an example of what’s possible. 80% of the potential clients I talk to say YES to hiring me as a coach. (And by the way, this is for high-value, high-investment coaching programs.)

So instead of spending tons of time networking and having lots of consultations without any results, I spend the majority of my time actually bringing in revenue and working with high-quality clients I love.

In fact, I look forward to every enrollment conversation, because chances are, I’m going to have another awesome client to work with.

My Simple Secret To Getting Clients A Lot Faster, While Taking Even Less Of Your Time

Going out and getting clients one at a time works, but it can be the slow boat to success.

Well, that’s about to change!

Here’s my simple approach to getting clients a lot faster, while taking even less of your time: It’s speaking to groups (either as a speaking engagement or a teleseminar) and offering them your one-on-one consultation.

I’m pulling back the curtains to tell you some of my results, because I want to encourage you to take the leap to presenting to groups:

  • A telecall series I did last summer led directly to $108,000 in new client enrollments.
  • At a recent speaking engagement, I generated $72,000 in clients.
  • Getting all of this income at once is great, but the part I truly enjoy the most is working with the rock-star clients you can attract when you step out as an expert in your field.

Speaking to groups can be the fastest way to:

  • Reach many more people at once
  • Make a bigger difference while earning more money
  • And at the end of a speaking engagement or teleseminar, you can have dozens of people raising their hand to work with you.

I personally love this approach because you can arrange lots of consultations with just one hour of your time!

But here’s the catch. It’s pretty simple to organize a telecall or arrange a speaking engagement, but it’s not so easy to sign up people in your audience as clients. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily waste weeks or months of time and effort, and end up with no clients in the end.

In my “Master of Enrollment” program, I’m going to show you exactly how you can generate a large number of consultations and new clients RIGHT AWAY from teleseminars and speaking engagements. Read on to learn more...

Are You Making This Big Mistake In Your Business?

I’ve talked to far too many gifted and experienced coaches, consultants, holistic practitioners and other service-oriented businesses owners who are having a heck of a time getting enough clients to pay the bills right now. And I see a common mistake that business owners are making all the time.

Here’s the cold, hard truth of the matter: if you’re focusing a lot of time on getting better and better at what you do, this generally has little to do with your business success. (Especially if your clients are already telling you they love your work.)

Simply put, it doesn’t matter how good your services and programs are if you can’t enroll clients.

Instead, your financial results are directly connected to your ability to “sell” your services.

The fastest way to grow your business is by learning how to have one-on-one consultations that inspire potential clients to say YES to paying for your services.

And this has nothing to do with convincing, using force, or being pushy. (If you really dislike being pushy – I’m with you there.)

That’s right! By learning basic and proven strategies for being more “enrolling” during your consultations, you can fill your business with clients quickly, in a way that will feel good to you.

“I had one of my biggest months ever - $12,000!”

“Over 6 years ago I took a leap of faith and left the security of a full time job to start my own business. I was excited but terrified! Could I really do it?

I was so afraid of potential clients saying no to working with me, and when they did, I felt rejected and went into a downward spiral. I was afraid I would never be successful in business if I couldn’t make any money!

I put into practice what I learned in the Master of Enrollment system and had one of my biggest months ever - over $12,000! Having this system gives me the financial security I was looking for while doing work I love. And the best part? It helped me get over my fear of rejection!”

Angela Minelli, www.angelaminelli.com

“I doubled my income by doubling my rates!”

“Through the Master of Enrollment program I discovered how the enrollment process could be a powerful and life-affirming experience for my potential clients. I saw how the sales conversation could be a service! Now I don’t feel awkward transitioning into making an offer.

Quite the opposite! I feel so confident in my enrollment conversations that I increased my rates and started offering bigger packages. I doubled my income simply by doubling my rates!”

Cindie Chavez, www.cindiechavez.com

“From terrified to thrilled… and $22,000 in 6 days!”

“Before the Master of Enrollment Program I had only sold low end products or coaching packages. I knew it would be valuable to do free consultations yet I didn’t have a clue where to start. The thought of it terrified me!

The Master of Enrollment Program gave me an elegant system to begin offering free consultations. It also gave me a huge amount of confidence to offer my higher priced packages in my consultations.

Within several days of the program I had 3 calls with 3 women to invite them into my $5,000 program - they all said yes. Then I had 2 of my current clients sign on for another package at $3500 each. For a grand total of $22,000 in 6 days!

I am thrilled to have this step by step system for growing my business!”

Jennie Harland-Khan, www.jenniehk.com

Ready For A “Selling Makeover?”

This is the MOMENT OF TRUTH.

Do you have amazing gifts and experience to share?

Do you love doing the work you’re doing, because you’re passionate about serving other people?

Are you ready to attract MORE CLIENTS easily and effortlessly?

If your heart is responding with a resounding “YES”, then stick with me, because I’m here to offer you the same “transformation” I’ve gone through.

I’ve gone from total fear of rejection to looking forward to every single sales consultation.

Because I know it’s my chance to help create a new possibility in someone else’s life, that they are unable to make themselves.

I want to show you how to overcome your fear and discomfort having “enrollment conversations”… so that you confidently offer your services, help more people, and make more money in your business.

“Master Of Enrollment”

This program is specifically designed to enroll new, high-paying clients without selling.

Master of Enrollment is an online training program and community that shows my EXACT SYSTEM for increasing the number of clients you get from one-on-one consultations.

You'll learn the same step-by-step process I use to convert 80% of my potential clients to paying clients -- and that over 2,400 other Master of Enrollment clients have also learned.

In fact, the Master of Enrollment Program is the only program I know that gives you ALL THREE critical elements you need to be successful with consultations:

(1) A Step-By-Step System For Consultations That Lead To “Yes”

(2) A Training Program For Getting All The Consultations (And Clients) You Want

(3) The Tools to Transform Your Inner Game And Build Your Confidence

I guarantee that if you follow my Master of Enrollment Program, you'll easily earn back 3 times your investment in this training (all you have to do is enroll 1 or 2 new clients).

Module 1: Enrollment Consultation Formula

My Exact Step-By-Step Method For Holding Powerful ONE-ON-ONE Enrollment Conversations (aka Sales Conversations) That CONVERT PROSPECTS INTO CLIENTS.

Reach more people using our Teleseminar Enrollment System

In this module, I’m going to share with you the exact step-by-step formula I use to inspire 80% (that’s 8 out of every 10) of potential clients to say YES to hiring me as their business coach. And by the way, this formula works equally well for high-value, high-investment clients.

I call the “Enrollment Consultation Formula” a formula because it works consistently, time and time again.

This is a skill you can learn too! Hundreds of graduates of the Master of Enrollment trainings have learned to be successful at 1-on-1 consultations, and there's no doubt in my mind that you can learn it too. Just follow the formula, it’s just like following a recipe.

This module alone will revolutionize your consultations with clients, because you’ll never be stuck wondering what to do or say ever again. I guarantee it.

In this module, you’ll discover –

  • The EXACT words and questions that I use throughout a successful sales conversation.
  • 3 simple things you can do during your consultations to DOUBLE the number of people who hire you.
  • How to deeply and authentically connect with your potential client. (Remember the saying, “they don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”)
  • The #1 thing that is likely sabotaging your success with one-on-one consultations (most business owners aren’t even aware they’re doing it).
  • How to start off the enrollment conversation as a confident expert who has a clear, valuable agenda and knows how to lead. (Because when your potential client takes over the consultation, there’s little chance it will lead to a sale.)

You'll Also Receive These Valuable Resources:

  • I’m going to give you a complete step-by-step script for you to follow with instructions on how to conduct each step of your client consultations.
  • This script includes a 6-page in-depth guide with my coveted notes and insights on how to inspire a client to say YES to your services. If you’re not completely sure what to say or do during a consultation, this script will transform you into a consultation expert faster than you ever thought possible.

Module 2: Making An Irresistible Offer

You’ll Get My Step-By-Step Formula For Confidently Offering Your Services During Your Consultations So That Your Potential Clients Enthusiastically Say YES!

Confidently delivering content

It’s the moment of truth: you are at the end of your consultation with a client, and it’s time for you to offer your services. Do you freeze up at this point? Do you sometimes find yourself not even making an offer, because you’re so nervous?

In this module, I’m going to share with you the exact step-by-step process I use to successfully offer my services to potential clients, in a way that they feel enthusiastic about saying YES and confident that they made the right choice. When you offer your services the right way, it feels generous and helpful, not something that you’re pushing on someone.

In this module, you’ll discover –

  • The biggest mistake business owners make during a consultation that kills the sale (this mistake is made almost every time a client says no).
  • The #1 question you need to ask so that your clients sell THEMSELVES, instead of you having to do all the work. (When you learn this, you’ll never feel pushy or sales-y again.)
  • How to confidently and fearlessly offer your services at the RIGHT moment of the enrollment conversation.
  • The worst time - and the best time - to mention your fees during a consultation.
  • How to lead the consultation so that your prospective client will be asking YOU to tell them about your services and fees!

Module 3: Transforming Objections

How You Can Authentically And Powerfully Work With “I Can’t Afford It”, “I Need To Think About It”, And Other Forms Of Fear And Resistance In A Way That Allows Your Clients To Say YES

What to offer to your audience?

If you’re offering services that involve your clients needing to grow, change, or shift into a new level, there’s a good chance that they might feel a little uncomfortable or resistant. Let’s face it, if change were easy, your clients wouldn’t need your help!

That’s what this module is all about: I’ll show you how to help your clients transform their fears and concerns... because when you’re able to help potential clients stretch and expand so that they’re ready to receive the help they really want, this is a HUGE service to them.

Learning how to transform a fearful “no” into a confident “yes” can result in twice as many clients signing up - and twice as much income coming in - without needing to increase the number of consultations.

In this module, you’ll discover –

  • How to confidently work with the most typical concerns that stop your potential clients cold (money, time, their spouse, etc) - in a way that serves your client.
  • My simple process for “Getting To Yes” without doing any selling (or pushing or anything that feels inauthentic).
  • How to consistently lead your potential clients from sounding vaguely “interested” to eagerly giving you their credit card to sign up for your services.
  • What “I can’t afford it” actually means... and my #1 favorite phrase to ask in this situation that magically transforms this objection to a commitment to work with you.

You'll Also Receive This Valuable Resource:

  • You’ll receive my word-for-word script on what to say when a client says “I can’t afford it,” so that you’ll know exactly what to say when this happens.

Module 4: Securing Your Client’s Commitment

You’ll Learn How To Eliminate The Painful “Clients Changing Their Mind” Problem Once And For All

Create additional revenue through teleseminars

Does this ever happen to you?

A potential client says “Yes” to your high-value services during your consultation, but they change their mind a few days later!

I know from experience, that’s one of the worst emails you can get. (Because they usually let you know via email, don't they?) You go from the high and jubilation of getting a new client to the huge disappointment of not getting the chance to even get started.

Worst thing is, the client actually needed what you had to offer. And it’s really tough to turn things around once a client has changed their mind.

When that used to happen to me, I felt so terrible about letting the client down that I had to come up with a system to make sure this never happened anymore. That’s what I’m going to show you in this module!

In this module, you’ll discover –

  • The key “mindset” you need to adopt that will remove the temptation of your client to bow out.
  • My simple 3-step system that will prevent your client from ever having the desire to change their mind.
  • The first step you need to take immediately after your consultation to cement your client’s commitment (hint: it’s not what you think).

You'll Also Receive This Valuable Resource:

  • Step-by-step guide to how to get started with clients so that they won’t change their mind

Module 5: The Art Of Enrolling High-End Clients

I’ll Share With You My Top Secrets For Finding And Enrolling Clients Who Are Willing To Pay Premium Fees

Creating information product

With this module, you’ll be able to give yourself the raise you deserve, and be more confident in the value you offer - and if you implement fully what I teach, you may just find yourself doubling your income.

Enrolling high-end clients is about attracting people who are eager for big results, not a Band-Aid. These are the clients that are the most fun to work with, because they are so much more committed.

If you would love to work with a small select group of highly committed and motivated clients, then you’ll want to be here for this training call.

In this module, you’ll discover –

  • How to find the high-end clients who are eager to pay for your services.
  • A proven method for zeroing in on the urgent problem that high-paying clients are just waiting to invest into solving.
  • My 3 top ways to filter out the people who aren’t serious about hiring you - this will save you from wasting a ton of valuable time on people who just want some of your time for free.
  • How to shift your inner game so that you’re ready to offer a much bigger level of fees that you are now. (Stepping up and asking a potential client to sign up for a high-end package can be intimidating! Let’s shift into a space of confidence and ease instead.)

This will work for you, too

This program is not just for coaches, holistic practitioners, consultants, healers, workshop leaders - it's for virtually every business with a service.

I've helped create Masters of Enrollment in just about every service under the sun, from high-school tutors to spiritual teachers to financial planners. I know I can help you too!

I've helped people create enrollment success in the 4 “mega-niches” listed below. These are the 4 areas of life that matter the most to people - and where they're willing to invest into creating change.

Business Coach, Consultant, Executive Coach, Financial Planner, Attorney, Web Designer, Copywriter, Corporate Team Expert, Productivity Expert, Career Coach, Book Writing Expert, Marketing Consultant, SEO Consultant, Video Producer, Image Consultant, Speaking Coach, Graphic Designer, Real Estate Consultant, Leadership Coach, Certified Professional Organizer, Communication Trainer & Coach, Entrepreneurial Coach, IT Management Consultant, Sales Trainer, Visual Brand Specialist, and more.

Health & Well-Being
Health Coach, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Fertility Expert, Personal Trainer, Feldenkrais Specialist, Emotional Eating Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Medical Doctor (MD), Golf Coach, Triathlete Coach, Massage Therapist, EFT Coach, Insurance Broker, Speech Pathologist, Sport Psychology Consultant, and more.

Relationships & Love
Relationship Coach, “Find Your Soulmate” Coach, Men’s Coach, Therapist, Tantra Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist, Dating & Relationship Coach, Parent Coach, Sex & Intimacy Coach, and more.

Personal & Spiritual Growth
Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Purpose Coach, Therapist, Minister, Access Consciousness Coach, Reiki Healer, Hand Analyst, Feng Shui, Shamanic Energy Healing, and more.

If you don’t see your exact business type on this list, chances are we’ve helped someone in a similar business.

“I'll Be There To Help You Throughout The Program”

You'll get 3 hours of LIVE Q&A calls with me, where you can get your top questions answered to help you become a Master of Enrollment.

I’ll provide powerful coaching and feedback to help you:

  • Find premium clients who are happy to pay your prices
  • Confidently offer your packages and programs
  • Handle objections during enrollment conversations
  • Break through the inner blocks (fear and limiting beliefs) that hold you back from confidently enrolling new high-end clients

Equally valuable, you'll learn a lot from the advice that I provide to your peers during these calls.

Special Bonuses To Elevate Your Enrollment Success

I want to give you my most powerful tools and resources - so that you have everything you need to have incredible success with your one-on-one consultations.

This set of resources is worth as much (if not more) than the Master Of Enrollment Program itself. Check these out!

BONUS #1: “Your Path To Massive Confidence” 2 Telecall Program

I believe in myself

I’d like to support you in building up your CONFIDENCE - it’s the magic ingredient for you to have consultations that result in clients saying YES to your offerings.

Do you find that fear of rejection and self-doubt are holding you back in your consultations? One thing I know is true: if you don’t have confidence while you’re making your offer, it’s truly difficult for your potential clients to feel good about saying yes to you.

During this very special telecall, you'll get tools to help you with the “inner game” of consultations, so that you feel more secure and powerful inside during your consultations.

You’ll also learn my 2 top secrets for eliminating your paralyzing fear of rejection - this alone could be a complete game changer for your consultations!

(Value $497)

BONUS #2: Master of Enrollment Practice Community

I believe in myself

This bonus will practically ensure your success with consultations.

You will have the opportunity to get valuable practice with enrolling clients in a safe environment - by practicing with the other heart-centered members of the Master of Enrollment community.

One huge additional benefit:

You’ll be practicing with people who can actually give you valuable feedback and insights, because they are studying the same system (the Master of Enrollment system) that you are.

(Value $497)

BONUS #3: Experience A Highly Successful Enrollment Consultation

I believe in myself

You’ll get access to an unedited recording of a consultation where I landed a $1,300 per month client, so you can listen in on a real-life example of how I enrolled a high-end client.

You’ll also get my notes where I break down exactly what I did on the consultation, step-by-step, so that you can to the same.

If you have no idea what it’s like to enroll a high-end client, this resource will give you a whole new sense of what is possible. Not only will you be able to experience for yourself what it’s like to enroll a high-end client - but you’ll also be able to model it and apply it in your own consultations.

It’s like watching a cooking show - after you see the professional chef make a delicious dish, and they break it down into easy steps, it’s so much easier for you to model in your own kitchen.

Many clients have told me that after hearing a successful consultation for the first time, they were finally able to be successful in their own consultations.

As one client told me, “Amazing how your offer of $1,300 a month truly occurs like a ridiculous bargain by the end of your call and an opportunity to seize right now.”

(Value $497)

BONUS #4: Live Event Ticket – “The Big Shift Event”

I believe in myself

Join me for 3-Day private workshop – This workshop will be completely dedicated to launching your business to the next level!

This is your chance to network with a community of successful business owners, and I’ll take you through business strategies that will take your business to another level.

(Value $997)

Program schedule & details

As soon as you register, you will gain access to the entire Master of Enrollment members site immediately. Then, week 1 will kick off with the "Foundation Trainings" - these are two very important trainings that will provide you with critical fundamentals to help you learn and implement my Master Of Enrollment system.

Next, I will guide you through the entire 7 week program which includes 5 training calls, 2 weeks of dedicated focus-time for implementing what you've learned and all of your added bonuses.

To ensure you have additional support, I'll also provide 3 hours of Q&A calls to help you with your biggest questions and challenges with developing the confidence and skills you need to enroll high-paying clients.

This powerful step-by-step system, which I have developed and used to create a 6-figure, and now a 7-figure coaching business, is going to rock your world.

And I know you'll love the warm and inviting community we have in our Facebook group, where you will have lots of awesome "consultation colleagues" to practice enrollment conversations with, support you, and encourage you during the program.

“Enrollment was the missing piece in my business.”

“I felt completely lost when it came to getting clients. I hadn’t learned how to have sales conversations in my training to become a therapist. So I tried all kinds of things: from 15 minute calls to free sessions. Nothing felt right or worked as well as I wanted it to.

Yet nobody I knew could answer my question, “How do I get clients?”

When I discovered the Master of Enrollment program I knew it was the answer to my question. Enrollment was the missing piece in my business

As I learned a system for having these enrollment conversations my confidence increased dramatically. And when I put this system into action, a lot more people began saying yes to working with me.

I am so grateful that I now have a system for enrolling more of my ideal clients in a way that feels good and actually builds trust.”

Anne Cuthbert, www.foodisnottheenemy.com

“Potential clients ask me, ‘How do I get signed up?’”

“In learning Bill’s system, I discovered that I didn’t need to work as hard. It now feels like a conversation rather than a “sale.” I really get to know my people better and they end up asking me, “How do I get signed up?”

Honing my enrollment skills has also strengthened my confidence in transforming objections. Now I’m able to get curious with their concerns instead of buying into them.”

One of the big gifts I received from this program was the community of other business owners. Practicing the enrollment system with each other was very valuable. And I grew my referral network, which is a service to my clients as well as my own business.”

Kate Steinbacher, www.coachesconsole.com

“My income has tripled!”

“I’ve been in business for over 13 years. About 5 years ago we were stuck. Even though we were working harder than ever, revenues were flat and we weren’t enjoying ourselves. While my enrollment success rate was high, the conversations felt salesy.

The Master of Enrollment Program helped us breakthrough this stuckness and take a big leap beyond it.

Finally, I had an enrollment system that was effective, efficient and enjoyable. I now deliver a lot of value to my prospective clients in these conversations. And it is a repeatable system that my team uses to get great results.

8 out of 10 of our prospective clients say yes to working with us. The other 2 walk away with a lot of value and most often, a “thank you.”

Over the past 5 years our income has tripled. Better yet, we have a service based system for not only enrolling clients, but pre-qualifying them as well. So we have conversations with only those people who are a match for us.

I am grateful to Bill and Patrick and the Master of Enrollment program. Meeting them was one of the best days of my life.”

Steve Juetten, www.FinPath.com

“$5,000 from one small speaking gig!”

“This system allowed me to create a whole new level of success with my business!

I started offering free consultations when I spoke. The first time I did this, half of the audience signed up for a free consultation with me. Then half of those consultations turned into paying clients resulting in over $5000 from one small speaking gig.

I have continued to use this same system over and over again as a way to bring new clients into my business.”

Kim Reddington, www.cereuswomen.com

“If there’s one thing I learned from Master of Enrollment, it’s 'There is a system. Follow the system. It works”

“Prior to the Master of Enrollment program, enrollment conversations were 'guess work' -- wondering what would work for the prospective client.

Participation in the MOE program has resulted in definite results with clients. The program served as a map for me, and now the path to enrollment is quite clear

Bill is genuinely interested in helping his clients succeed. He delivers. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants more clients in their particular niche.”

Angela Mozelle, www.newbeginningstoday.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Our "It Works" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My team and I are completely committed to you achieving amazing results with your business - and getting results with this program that well-exceed the investment.

That’s why I guarantee that this program works, and that you will get results when you do the work and implement my system.

In fact I’m so committed that you get the results that you want, if you implement my system and don’t see results, I will make sure that you get extra support from my team to help you create results. If you still don’t get results, I don’t deserve your money and I’ll happily refund you.

Important: We require that you submit your completed homework before we refund you. Because we know if you take action and apply this program, you will get results. And if you do the program assignments and you don't see a return on your efforts, then let me know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll be happy to return your investment.

This program has generated breakthrough results for hundreds of heart-centered business owners and I know it can do the same for you.

Yes, I Want to Join Master of Enrollment!


“Yes Bill, I’m ready to get more clients in one-on-one conversations, effortlessly and authentically”

When I get the Master of Enrollment Program, I will receive:

  1. The Complete Master of Enrollment System


  1. BONUS #1: “Your Path To Massive Confidence” 2 Telecall Program


  1. BONUS #2: Master of Enrollment Practice Community


  1. BONUS #3: Experience (And Model) A Highly Successful Enrollment Consultation


  1. BONUS #4: Live Event Ticket – “The Big Shift Event”


  1. 5 Hours Of Deep Dive Q&A Calls With Bill Baren


  1. MP3 Audio Recordings Of All Telecalls

  1. Transcripts Of All Telecalls

  1. Exclusive Members-Only Website



NOTE: As soon as you sign up for Master of Enrollment, you’ll receive instant access to the Members-Only website. Then I will guide you through the Master of Enrollment program, week-by-week, so that you’ll know exactly what to do to learn and apply my system.

I understand that I’m investing in the Master of Enrollment program and that it comes with Bill’s personal "It Works" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Success Stories from the Master of Enrollment Program

“I made a $100,000 in a month, all with sales conversations”

“I’ve learned a lot of sales systems from different people but I always still felt like it was hard work to do sales. And I didn’t really enjoy it that much!

So when I met Bill and I heard his system, something just clicked with me. It felt natural and easy, I felt authentic. And when I started doing it, I actually felt the sales conversations were transformational and they were a value to my clients, whether they bought or not. I enjoyed doing them more. People got a lot out of them and they are very powerful.

I learned the Master of Enrollment system and the next day - I enrolled somebody into a $7,000 program. And she cried in the conversation because it was so transformational in a positive way for her. It was a big leap for her.

I kept applying it and I launched a program where I did primarily sales conversations to fill the program. And I made a $100,000 in a month, all with sales conversations. I had a 55% conversion rates on a high ticket program.

So Master of Enrollment works - thank you Bill!”

Vrinda Normand, www.IrresistibleWriting.com

“Thank you Bill for such a brilliant Master of Enrollment system”

“Anyone who has fears or resistance about coming off as 'pushy' or 'salesy' when communicating to prospective customers will feel encouraged (and relieved) by the wisdom that Bill shares here.

Even though I feel very comfortable and have a very successful history with enrollment sessions, I found myself furiously taking notes in each training.”

Elyse Hope Killoran, www.choosingprosperity.com

“I increased my income by $3,000 in the first month after the program.”

“Before working with Bill I was giving free sessions. However, I didn’t really know what I was doing because I didn’t get a lot of clients. I was frustrated and broke.

During the Master of Enrollment Program I was inspired to offer a free workshop at which I offered free consultations. 50% of the participants signed up for these. I went on to make an extra $3,000 in the first month from enrolling people in my retreats.

Since then the step-by-step enrollment procedure has been a central pillar of my business and has helped me to increase my profits, big time.”

Russell Scott, www.AwakenTheGuruInYou.com

“Now I have the confidence to offer larger packages at higher prices.”

“I knew enrollment conversations were important yet didn’t have any idea how to handle these calls. I had learned other techniques for how to do free consults but they felt really pushy and so inauthentic.

Within a week of beginning the Master of Enrollment program, I started getting clients! I now had a system that wasn’t pushy and it worked! This gave me confidence to begin offering larger packages at higher prices.

Potential clients who are a great fit hire me and experience even greater results because I am delivering more. I just re-enrolled 7 of my clients into new packages.”

Dana Lynch, www.elementsofimage.com

“After I received the program I generated $7,000 my first month, it was great!”

“I didn’t even know what an enrollment conversation was before Master of Enrollment! I didn’t know how to engage people into a conversation let alone how to make a sale. I would just go to networking events, tell people what I did and hope they would want to come talk to me after. I made little to no sales at all.

I sold my first $1,200 package just from listening to the advice that Bill gave on his free call! I knew I wanted and needed more information. After I received the program I generated $7,000 my first month, it was great!

Not only was it great because I knew I could generate the money, I now had a step by step system to follow. I continually use the system for every sales call I make! And I am making more money every month because of this system.

I use to get sick to my stomach and get hives thinking about making a sale! The biggest breakthrough for me is that I learned how easy it can be to enroll people into my program. The conversation just flows when I remember to make it about them.

I recommend Master of Enrollment all the time! I love it because it makes sales so easy. No more cold calls, no more trying to get someone to buy your stuff. You actually have people who are asking you for the sale.

I am so grateful to Bill for creating this, Bill is a great leader in this realm and I love how he handles all the different personality types in a kind manner. I just love this program. I can say that because of this program I am in business today!”

Annette Mease, www.unlockyourbrilliance.com

“I enrolled my first 6-Month client for $2,100!”

“Bill Baren’s Master of Enrollment Course provided me with an effective, serviceful, non-salesy method to confidently enroll Clients at rates that honor my work.

This method has allowed me to enroll my first Client into a 6 month program for $2,100! This amount represents the most money I have ever collected from a Client in advance, in one enjoyable consultation. Believe it or not, this set the stage for me to more than triple my fees!

Thanks to Bill and his team I no longer dread 'enrollment conversations', but see them as an opportunity to serve more people more fully, while getting paid what I am truly worth!”

Ron Capocelli


“What I made in returns within 3 months was 6 times what I invested in this course.”

“Before joining the Master of Enrollment program, I had a lot of self-doubt that I would be able to get high paying clients. I had a life coach certificate from one year ago and was avoiding using my skills to promote my coaching business. I was too terrified to charge for my time and skills to people. I kept focusing on other things such as giving workshops, hosting retreats, and leading networking events.

After taking the course, I was able to get my first high paying client right away without struggle for a 5 week package. The client was very happy with her progress with coaching, and she renewed for three monthly sessions. It really blows my mind, I’m growing out of my self-doubt into a confident coach.

I got my second client right away with three months of paying sessions. It is a big jump to earn this kind of money in a short time. What I made in returns was 6 times more than what I invested in this course.

My biggest shift to remove my deafness as an obstacle to charge high paying deaf clients. I know that I am here to share my gifts and using my uniqueness by using American Sign Language (ASL) and able to provide equal access to use ASL for coaching. It is a big privilege!

The Master of Enrollment course went beyond my expectations. Kudos to Bill for an unbelievable curriculum and a magic formula.

My life changed after taking this course. I am walking with confidence and proud to promote my coaching business. I know that I am here with a purpose to help people to achieve.”

Sofia Seitchik, www.globaldeafwomen.com

“The Master of Enrollment program is one of the best!”

“As a coach, I have often felt challenged with the ‘enrollment conversation’ and it was a skill I truly had to master in order to grow my business.

I searched for years for one comprehensive resource to help me develop the best mindset and technique to help a client overcome their biggest obstacles to investing in themselves. The Master of Enrollment program is that resource I always searched for.

I encourage you to invest not just in learning through this program, but also in being able to better serve your clients by getting them to YES!”

Melanie Benson Strick, www.successconnections.com

“I have conducted 5 webinars and 3 in-person circles in my area as a result of the Master of Enrollment program.”

“I am very confident in what I have to offer to others in my niche and have been able to widen my niche a bit.

I am also a sought after speaker across the state via webinars and teleconferences. Soon, I’ll be part of a discussion panel at a national conference as a result of my success and what I’ve learned through Master of Enrollment.

Master of Enrollment and Bill’s casual, motivated style of instruction and coaching are infectious, making you want to do your best and learn the most, while relishing in the group dynamic of “Aha!” moments shared.

My biggest breakthrough was learning the difference between being liked and being respected for what I do. I understand what each entails and how to turn my fears over being liked off while I gain respect for providing much needed services.

I got a diverse flavor of how Master of Enrollment work can be used in different types of business and client interaction.

On a scale from 0 to 10, my confidence enrolling clients before the program was at a 3. Now, it’s been raised greatly.”

Monica J. Foster, The Life Beyond Limits Coach, www.butterflywheel.com

“It worked! I enrolled a new client yesterday. Thank you!”

“I feel the biggest thing that I really used during the process was to create that plan for her to let her know exactly how I can help them create her vision AND feeling really confident in explaining that.

I remember that being an 'aha' moment for me and being mindful of communicating that for my next complimentary consultation.

What was really beautiful is how my 'aha' translated into her 'aha' as she truly could see how I may be of service to her as I was communicating the way my process provides the solution for her needs.

Thank you! I’ve been focusing much of my energy lately on having consultations and it was validating to hear that as my focus can easily go in a million places.

BTW, love the hats. A fun reminder for me to be my creative self in all aspects of my being :-)”

Christina Ambubuyog, www.iloveintuition.com

“$10,785 and 5 new clients in 2 weeks”

“Before I took the program, I felt uncomfortable in enrolment conversations, especially when offering a big ticket item. I actually did quite well when offering a low priced package in which I knew I was overdelivering for the price. But when it came to offering my big ticket item, with lots of private time with me and a big price tag, I got nervous. I would often bail on sharing my big ticket program, and offer a compromise instead.

The concept of “creating the gap” was a huge breakthrough for me. Before, I’d been taught questions to ask to move people towards saying yes, but it felt manipulative to me. Listening to Bill in actual conversations, there was nothing salesy or pushy or manipulative about it. The approach to just having a conversation, but including all the questions that help my prospect see how working with me could bring their dream into reach feels so right to me.

I went on to having 5 enrollment conversations in a row and closed every one of them into a multi thousand dollar program, totaling $10,785 in 2 weeks. I recently had another conversation and another signup for a $1,997 program.

I would recommend the program because it takes the “icky” feeling task of enrolling people into my programs into a connected, real and enjoyable conversation that’s deeply rewarding or both sides. It’s an awesome program and Bill’s genuine caring for each participant comes through loud and clear.”

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, www.drritamarie.com

“I have been much more consistent in setting up opportunities for enrollment conversations and adding new clients every month.”

“Thanks to the program, I’m clearer about ways to explore the problem and pain of the prospect and then help them reach a decision.

I would definitely recommend the Master of Enrollment program. The program is especially good for someone who wants a systematic way to do client enrollment.

Bill gives lots of very specific ways to attract prospects as well as enroll them. He always over delivers and his strong desire to help his students succeed is very clear in everything he does.

If you apply what you learn from Bill, you will definitely enroll more than enough more clients to pay for the program several times over.

Before the Master of Enrollment program, I was good at developing rapport with prospective clients and finding out about their pain, but I needed a better and more consistent process for helping them reach a decision that was right for them.”

Dan Grandstaff, www.dangrandstaff.com

“Since the start of MOE, 2 of 3 people have enrolled in a package; and a regular client and a new client have both enrolled in my 10 session package!”

“All I can say is WOW! I started my business just over a year ago and thought it time to invest in a business coaching program and am I ever so grateful I did.

It’s funny, I feel more 'present' with my clients now that we’ve gone through the consultations than when I did just asking questions while going over their health history form.

This was the right program for me and I’m glad to have shared this part of the journey with all of you. Thanks again Bill!”

Melissa Bishop, www.massage4health.weebly.com

“This program has given me a BIG confidence boost”

“Before joining Bill Baren’s Master of Enrollment program I was very reluctant to even invite potential clients into an enrollment conversation. I didn’t feel confident in my ability to bring up the subject of taking action for fear of feeling too “sales-y.” So therefore I spent a lot of time just hoping that people would just say yes.

Since using the Master of Enrollment strategies I have had more interest in my services, held more meetings, and started a teleseminar series. Clients are now referring other people to me on the basis of the work I have done with them.

What I gained by using the methods in the Master of Enrollment program was an understanding on how to speak to clients in an authentic way that they know I have their best interests at heart. This program has given me a BIG confidence boost because I know that by being genuine in my intention of helping the clients we both win. There is no longer that looming fear of rejection I once had.

I feel like I have shaved years off the learning curve. I am so happy and grateful that I took that first leap of faith that your program would deliver on what it promised and you went beyond my expectations.”

Nancy James, Starlight Cards & Gifts, www.sendoutcards.com/starlightcards

“I am one of those people that believe the best way to learn to cook is to put a master cook in the kitchen .... and pay attention!”

“As I listened and viewed the slides that accompanied Bill’s conversation with his potential new client, I knew I was listening to a “master cook in his kitchen”!

Bill’s ability to simultaneously create a totally safe space AND at the same time ... DIRECT the process with great precision was an inspiration.

As a coach myself, I could really appreciate the level he was operating at.

I plan to use that recording to increase my abilities in this area AND as a tool to help MY students gain greater mastery as well.

I would say to all helping professionals that want to become great at the initial exploratory conversation AND be able to effectively close and make the sale ....

LISTEN to this recording at least FIVE times.

Here’s to Mastery!”

Dr. David Kamnitzer, www.davidkamnitzer.com

“Bill showed me clearly how to do it”

“For me, enrolling is very challenging. I’ve had over 200 hours of coaches training, so I thought I know what enrolling was, but this one element was missing.

For the past two years, I’ve been very focused on building my business... but not on enrolling new clients. Then I realized I’m not getting the business I really want to get.

The session I listened to with Bill was really very helpful. I’ve attended other sessions, but Bill showed me clearly how to do it. I was furiously taking down notes! I felt that each word and every question he asked were there for me to learn.

I love that Bill’s session could be so easily applied to what I’m doing. As a result of the video, I plan to create an enrollment process just for my audience.

I would definitely recommend this to any coach trying to build a business. It’s a very useful tool in getting new clients.”

Gina Cajucom, CHRP PHR BSc, www.careerinsights.ca

“I signed on a new client on the spot!”

“I was so excited (yet nervous) to try out the Master of Enrollment process on my first real prospect today. I mapped out my questions and went through the process step by step.

And I am happy to say that I successfully “closed the gap” and signed on a new client on the spot! When I left the meeting, I said to myself, Bill Baren RULES

I am a marketing/PR/Web consultant, and have been struggling with the close process, despite developing a good rapport with prospects during my 1-1 meetings.

Thanks for showing us this process and the potential to work with more people to change their lives and their businesses for the better. Not only am I excited about working with this new client, but I’m excited about the opportunities to reach out to more people using this process. Thanks again!!!”

Susan Young, President, www.aimfiremarketing.com

“The biggest success story for me was gaining new confidence in my abilities”

“I was new to introducing myself as a coach so haven’t had any enrollment conversations before your course.

The biggest success story for me was gaining new confidence in my abilities as a coach and having Bill be so generous and open hearted in supporting all of us.

Bill is a superb coach and through hearing him address others’ concerns and questions helped me work through issues I was having.

I think Bill is one of the best coaches I’ve encountered in the past two years. He consistently emphasizes coming from the heart and being of service and I believe he genuinely cares for our success.

I highly recommend Master of Enrollment to both beginners for an intensive learning and to those experienced coaches who could learn to come to their clients through a different perspective - one of service and how we can best serve our clients.”

Mary MacDonald, www.cosmiccowgirlsuniversity.com

“How Much Money Do You Want To Make In The Next 12 Months?”

I believe in myself

If you've read this far, then you probably have a serious interest in harnessing the power of

enrollment conversations in your business.

Simply sign up ONE (OR TWO) CLIENTS using this enrollment training, and you’ve made your investment back.

Many people (see the stories above) have earned back their investment in the first month of using this program.

But my expectation is that you'll step out and do a lot more than that.

I know you’ll receive an incredible return on investment with this program over the lifetime of your business.

Think about:

Being successful at enrollment and sales is an invaluable skill you’ll use with every client you sign up, for all the years you’ll be in business.

This is Your Chance...

I believe in myself

The last thing I want to say is this - the world needs what only YOU can deliver. I sincerely hope Master of Enrollment can help you bring more of your work and your special expertise to a larger audience.

Being successful at enrolling clients is an invaluable skill you’ll use for the rest of your business life.

I’m here to help you, my Master of Enrollment system is ready to help you generate more income, and there's a community of support available for you.

Now it’s up to you - to SAY YES to finally having powerful enrollment skills that will help you serve more of the people you’re here to help.

Join the Master of Enrollment program today

I look forward to getting to know you better and to working together!


Bill Baren

Founder and President, Bill Baren Coaching

PS: Still have questions? Drop me a line via email at wecare@billbaren.com


“Yes Bill, I’m ready to get more clients in one-on-one conversations, effortlessly and authentically”

When I get the Master of Enrollment Program, I will receive:

  1. The Complete Master of Enrollment System


  1. BONUS #1: “Your Path To Massive Confidence” 2 Telecall Program


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  1. BONUS #4: Live Event Ticket – “The Big Shift Event”


  1. 5 Hours Of Deep Dive Q&A Calls With Bill Baren


  1. MP3 Audio Recordings Of All Telecalls

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  1. Exclusive Members-Only Website



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I understand that I’m investing in the Master of Enrollment program with NO RISK, because it comes with Bill’s personal full money back guarantee.

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